Weekend Greeting (oct 7, 2005)

Meet Junichi & Shigeko Hanada, faithful members and deacons in our church. The Hanadas are building a new house. It will be completed around the first of the New Year. During the building of the house, each day there will be something new added to its structure. God is building His church around the world and something […]

Weekend Greetings (sep 2, 2005)

Ever found yourself at the end of the line, end of a rope or the end of a day, dreading tomorrow and never knowing what to do, or how things are going to turn out?   Meet Isaac Cain, son of Bruce & Shirley Cain of Cordova, AK. In this picture Isaac finds himself at the […]

Weekend Greetings (aug 26, 2005)

Medama-yaki(目玉焼き): fried egg (literal translation: fried eye ball) Which came first? The egg, or the chicken? This age-old question has puzzled the minds of countless children, and even adults. I’ve been thinking about this all week. At first I thought of sending you a picture of an egg frying on the asphalt here in Japan’s extraordinarily hot summer […]

Weekend Greetings (aug 20, 2005)

How thick is your forest? How cloudy are the skies hanging over your head? This cross is seen rising up out of nowhere in the forest that surrounds the Roman Catholic Munakata Mokusou No Ie (House of Prayer).  When I took this picture, I thought of how we can become so bogged down that we […]

Weekend Greetings (aug 5, 2005)

Meet Shizukiyo & Naoko Ishikawa. In front from left to right are their triplet-sons, Daichi, Ōzora, and Taiyō. The boys’ names mean BIG Earth, Sky and Sun. The Ishikawas used to attend our church, where Naoko-san played the piano during worship services.  Mr. Ishikawa was a medical doctor in the Munakata area until about four years […]

Weekend Greeting (jul 23, 2005)

This weekend take just a moment to consider the myriad of peoples who inhabit this globe of ours. They’re everywhere. The people in this picture are caught in the rush hour of a huge metropolis of over a million people. Some are rich, some are poor, some are what we call “middle class,” some are […]

Weekend Greeting (jul 15, 2005)

On a recent visit to the Japan Railway Hakata Station I was walking by this ticket booth inside the station mall and thought of a scripture chorus our kids used to sing in (Japanese) Sunday school.  Singing the song very slowly at first, the children would hang on to each other and pretend they were a long train and […]

Weekend Greetings (may 31, 2005)

Think of the POWER of the Word of God!  “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God. The same was in the beginning with God. ALL THINGS were made by HIM; and without HIM was not anything made that was made. In HIM was life, and […]

Weekend Greetings (may 10, 2005)

Meet  Kuniko Honda, owner operator of the “Tabibitoya”  (The Sojourner) coffee shop right across the street from the train station in downtown Nagasaki. The shop is like a little “hole in the wall” it is so small, yet she has collected some 380 coffee cups from around Japan in the past 28 years. In her collection […]

Weekend Greetings (apr 15, 2005)

In April, when the weather begins getting warmer, tall bamboo poles with colorful, carp-shaped, cloth streamers that look like air-socks attached to them are erected in the yards of Japanese families who have boys. These poles and streamers are called “Koi Nobori.” Their flying in the spring breezes for about a month precedes the celebration of Boys’ Day on […]