Weekend Greetings (apr 1, 2005)

I’ve got a wedding scheduled tomorrow afternoon from 4:30 at Budou No Ki in Okagaki. Are you ready for this? 220 guests! That’s probably the one of the biggest weddings I’ve ever had the opportunity to perform here in Japan.  The guests attend the ceremony and afterwards are invited into a huge reception room to […]

Weekend Greetings (mar 18, 2005)

These thoughts have been in my mind for several days now. I’d like to share them with you. Stay with me for a few minutes as you read the following: You may not know, but Japan is referred to as the country with “eight million gods” (八百万の神々) The expression in Japanese literally means “countless gods.” The influence of Buddhism […]

Weekend Greetintgs (Feb. 22, 2005)

On the way to work this morning, I walked past . . . Gallery Nadeshiko (ギャラリー なでしこ) ⎯ This is the entryway of a gallery of Japanese art, pottery, jewelry and fashions in our neighborhood. After yesterday’s weather of biting cold and snow, the sky has cleared and we can see evidence that spring is near: a blossoming […]

What is a father?

We celebrate father’s day once a year, however we should recognize at all times that without him we would not be. So, to answer the question “What is a father?”, let’s take a look at the origin of the Chinese character for “father” which the Japanese have adopted into their writing system. Children, obey your […]

Music satisfies the soul

Good music is music that has three basic components. When these components all work together, they will captivate the heart. The result can be increased breathing, a thumping in the chest and a relaxation that will result in a feeling of “I don’t want this to end.” Music is one, but is made up of […]