Nils & Andrea came to Japan as missionaries more than 40 years ago from Seattle, Washington’s (old) Bethel Temple. Many of the web links here are those connected/related to churches in Japan that were pioneered by former Bethel Temple missionaries. Enjoy browsing . . .

Bethel Fellowship International ⏤ You’ll enjoy browsing through this website that is full of Bethel Temple’s beginnings, including history of it’s founder and the early missionary vision carrying the gospel around the world to Indonesia, Japan, Formosa (Taiwan), China, Pakistan, India, South America, Africa and even Alaska at which time it was not yet part of the United States.

Bible Fellowship ⏤ With a heart to worship the Lord and a hunger for God’s Word, Bible Fellowship meets in the Fife Community Center located just off Interstate 5 at the Fife-54th Ave. exit.

Japan Bethel Mission ⏤ Begun by former Bethel Temple missionaries Clyde & Yvonne Bade, JBM is an organization of related churches created to foster fellowship between Bethel churches within Japan. Its members include local churches in metropolitan Tokyo, Iwate Prefecture and the islands of Kyushu and Yakushima.

Fussa Bethel Church ⏤ Fussa Bethel is located in the outskirts of Tokyo and has a history of several (old) Bethel missionaries working together in the past to see this church become the headquarters of the Japan Bethel Mission.

Kurume Bethel Christ Church ⏤ On the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, Kurume Bethel was pioneered by former missionaries George & Mary Beth Frazier and is now a growing, praising-the-Lord church being overseen by Japanese leaders.

Munakata Bethel Christian Center ⏤ Pioneered 37 years ago by Nils & Andrea Olson, this local church in a city of about 97,000 people is a vibrant community of unified believers. In the past 37 years, churches in this city have grown in number from just two to ten.

Miyanoura  Christ Church (Yakushima) ⏤ Located directly south of Kyushu on a big, round island and with a history of over fifty years, the Miyanoura Church is the only Protestant church on this island with a population of about 13,000 people. It is reachable by jet-foil and ferry from the Kyushu port city of Kagoshima.

The Little Chapel (Cordova, Alaska) ⏤ The Little Chapel has been a faithful supporter of our missionary work here in Japan for more than 40 years. This church in Alaska has been (in capital letters) A VITAL PART in the pioneering and building of Munakata Bethel Christian Center.

Garrott’s Virtual Vitamins ⏤ Because he was born and raised in Japan by American missionary parents, fellow missionary friend, Jack Garrott is what is called a Third Culture Kid. Raised in a missionary family, I’ve been steeped in the Bible from infancy, and my life has been a journey of learning to apply it, and share it. He and his wife, Cathy, pioneered the Shinsei No Sato Christ Church in Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

Coffee with Alice ⏤ Being a former pastor’s wife and recently widowed by the sudden death of her husband of more than fifty years, Alice writes inspiring blogs. They will uplift and instill wisdom to those who have experienced similar dilemmas.