Weekend Greetings (apr 15, 2005)

In April, when the weather begins getting warmer, tall bamboo poles with colorful, carp-shaped, cloth streamers that look like air-socks attached to them are erected in the yards of Japanese families who have boys. These poles and streamers are called “Koi Nobori.” Their flying in the spring breezes for about a month precedes the celebration of Boys’ Day on May 5th.

The top air sock is one of red, yellow and blue and represents a powerful flowing stream. The carp represent the strength and perseverance that boys need in order to overcome obstacles in their path, just as carp swim upstream fighting their way up against the strong currents. 

When I saw these colorful carp streamers this week, I was reminded of part of the song the Psalmist wrote and presented to the Chief Musician in the day that the LORD delivered him from the hand of all his enemies: 

“For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God I have leaped over a wall.” Psalm 18:29

Kind of makes you want to sing a song, doesn’t it? 

Let’s all head upstream this weekend, okay?

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