On processing recent terror, violence

“Been processing these horrific shootings for the past  couple of days. It’s incredibly heartbreaking to hear of these tragedies. I’ve been watching all the blame… Trump, guns, immigration, mental illness… 

Senior Pastor Rick Fry

I was talking to a friend today about when I was a kid. I never thought or ever heard of someone dealing with their issues with violence like this. I told him, I think we’re reaping what we’ve sown for the past 35 years or more. We’re seeing the fruit of generations being told that there is no God, can’t pray in school, can’t have the 10 commandments hanging in our classrooms. The fruit? People who believe they really did come from monkeys, that there are no consequences, no one to give an account to. 

The real problem is we have forsaken God in many ways as a nation and now we are seeing the result of Godlessness. I know there are problems that we need to deal with, I’m not denying these issues, but we need to deal with the biggest problem first.

We need Jesus! We need the compass of the word of God! We need His hope! We need His love! The hatred we see, even in the church, stems from not walking in the love of God, but the love of self. My way, my thoughts, my offenses, and my desires. We can make more laws, ban more stuff and we’re still not going to change anything. If it isn’t a gun, it will be a knife, box truck, pressure cooker or anything else that becomes a weapon in the hands of those intending to do harm. Let’s tackle the real problems and stop trying to treat symptoms. 

Church it’s time to pray, time to repent, time to love, time to speak the truth in that same love. Maybe if the church in America would stop fighting itself and putting each other down… we could actually fight the real enemy. The enemy is not your Baptist or Charismatic or Pentecostal or Presbyterian family. Our enemy is clear in Ephesians 6. It’s the devil! Time for the church to pick up its weapons and go to war where it matters most. 

Who’s with me?” —Senior Pastor Rick Fry, The Rock Church, Danville, CA

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