Weekend Greetings (may 10, 2005)

Meet  Kuniko Honda, owner operator of the “Tabibitoya”  (The
Sojourner) coffee shop right across the street from the train station in downtown Nagasaki. The shop is like a little “hole in the wall” it is so small, yet she has collected some 380 coffee cups from around Japan in the past 28 years. In her collection is a coffee mug by potter Mike Anderson from Cordova, Alaska that, she says, is quite popular among customers.

There is a sign on the cupboard that invites the customer to choose their own cup, or, on the other hand, the customer can ask her to choose one for them. She looks at the person closely and chooses one that looks as though it will match their personality. 

Each one of us is like a cup that may be carrying some hurt, an emotional wound, something bitter, something sad or something sour. We are all “sojourners” in this life only here for however long our life lasts.

It’s most refreshing to stop in this journey of ours and be refreshed. That’s what happens when we stop at the “Cross Coffee Shop” on Mount Calvary and get a “cuppa” what Jesus has to offer. For FREE even!

Is your cuppa whatever cold? Why not dump it out and ask for a hot REFILL right now? God has looked on you, He knows your personality, your life, your ups and downs, your unfulfilled dreams, your despair and He has chosen YOU into which He will pour His love and refreshing joy. 

Ah, that sure sounds good right now, doesn’t it?

“What shall I render unto the LORD for all His benefits toward me? I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.”  Psalm 116:12-13

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