Weekend Greetings (mar 11, 2009)

Made In Japan ⎯ Meet Yosuke-kun, born last Monday, 3/9/2009. In Japanese 3 (for March) is pronounced “san,” and 9 (for the 9th) is pronounced “kyu.” Put them together and we get “san-kyu,” which, when spoken, sounds like the English phrase “thank-you!”  The Japanese word “kun” is a familiar suffix added to a boy’s name. The English equivalent means “master.” About two years […]

Weekend Greetings (feb 26, 2009)

SMILE! It’s a muscle builder! “The joy of the LORD is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10 This calligraphy card was written by Eiko Kimura of Kumamoto, Japan. The doll? It’s an original hand-made creation by Ruth McGibboney, a co-worker and friend of Nils’ mother, almost thirty years ago.  We call this little guy by the name of Mad Manny, and he always brings us […]

Enemies try stealing our liberty (dec 31, 2008)

Meet Grandpa Clarey. Clarey and his wife, Hiroe, have been surrogate grandparents (on Nils’ side of the family) here in Japan for our children, Lisa, Mark and Caroline. Lisa is here with us for the year-end holidays (holy days), so we decided to take a drive up to see Grandpa Clarey. We were welcomed and […]

Weekend Greetings (nov 7, 2008)

Meet Mao Nakamoto, 35, of Fukuoka City, Japan. Mao is a floor rep at this wholesale fashion shop in Fukuoka’s Tenjin Ward. In Japan, the name “Mao” is quite unusual and rarely heard. When he told me his name, I asked him if it had anything to do with Mao Tse-tung, the chairman of the Chinese […]

Weekend Greetings (oct 31, 2008)

Doesn’t it almost take your breath away when you see a full moon rising in early evening sky? This picture was taken in mid-October a couple hours after the moonrise over the horizon, just as it began its journey into the darkness of night. Did you know that the white light of a full moon is actually […]

Weekend Greetings (sep 12, 2008)

Next week (September 15) in Japan the nation will celebrate a national holiday. “Keirou no Hi,” or “Respect for The Aged Day” is a day when the elderly are wished a long life and thanked for their past contributions to Japanese society. Cities, towns and villages all over the nation will have celebrations honoring their aged citizens. […]

Weekend Greetings (aug 2, 2008)

I can’t introduce you to these young Japanese men, because they were too deep into their own private worlds to ask their names when I took these pictures this week in Tokyo. I went to visit my son, Mark, for a couple days and he took me around the BIG city. Yes, that’s right ⎯ BIG ⎯  about 12 […]

Weekend Greetings (may 16, 2008)

Meet Katsuhiko Shibuta, 23, employee for this Idemitsu gasoline station in Koga City, on the island of Kyushu, Japan. In order to conserve space, these kind of pumps descend from the ceiling with the pull of a thick cord instead of a pump island. Pumps of this kind in Japan will be phased out from next year.  No need to write […]

Weekend Greetings (apr 5, 2008)

What a sight! Almost indescribable! The fragrance, the perfection of innumerable petals of pure white against the azure blue sky, countless bees busying themselves flying from blossom to blossom to gather pollen and the freshness of spring breezes ⎯ heaven on earth to millions of Japanese people who will gather under blooming cherry trees this […]

Weekend Greetings (feb 13, 2008)

Well, lovers, tomorrow is the day! Don’t forget to speak or send a special greeting to the ones you love! In Japan, Valentines Day is perhaps one of the biggest days of the year for chocolate merchants. Chocolate  Valentine  displays have been in stores since just after Christmas here in Japan. I make it a point […]