Weekend Greeting (jul 15, 2005)

On a recent visit to the Japan Railway Hakata Station I was walking by this ticket booth inside the station mall and thought of a scripture chorus our kids used to sing in (Japanese) Sunday school. 

Singing the song very slowly at first, the children would hang on to each other and pretend they were a long train and begin moving around the room, going faster and faster until they were about to arrive at the end of the song. They would all take a big deep breath and end the song excitedly by making the sound of a steam locomotive arriving at its destination.

Do you have your ticket to Heaven in hand? Make sure you haven’t misplaced it, okay? Uncountable, unreached tribes and people groups around the world are waiting in line for their FREE passage to Heaven. The men in this picture have to pay something to get home, but Jesus paid the price of our ticket to Heaven on the cross over 2,000 years ago. 

Why not get close enough to one of your non-Christian friends this weekend and tell them where they can get their already-PAID ticket. YOU can lead them in the right direction, I’m sure.  

Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father (Heaven) except by me.” John 1:14 Good News Bible

The Gospel Train Song


Fukuin no kisha ni noteru

Tengoku yuki ni

Tsumi no eki kara de te

Modora nai

Kippu wa iranai

Shu no sukui ga aru

Sore de tada yuku

Fukuin no kisha ni noteru

Ten goku yuki ni



I’m on board

The Gospel train to Heaven

Leaving the station of sin

To never return (there) again.

I don’t need a ticket!

I (already) have the salvation of the Lord!

I can get to Heaven with just that!

I’m on board

The Gospel train to Heaven!

(Having arrived, the train stops with a Shhhhhhh!)

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