Weekend Greetings (feb 13, 2008)

Well, lovers, tomorrow is the day! Don’t forget to speak or send a special greeting to the ones you love! In Japan, Valentines Day is perhaps one of the biggest days of the year for chocolate merchants. Chocolate  Valentine  displays have been in stores since just after Christmas here in Japan.

I make it a point to read everyday from a devotional book called “On This Day 365 Amazing and Inspiring Stories about Saints, Martyrs & Heroes,” by Robert J. Morgan. I read ahead one day and found out some interesting facts about February 14th. After you’ve read this, I think you’ll say, “Man, I didn’t know that,” just like I did.

“Valentine was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. According to legends handed down, Valentine having been imprisoned and beaten, was beheaded on February 14, about 270, along the Flaminian Way. Valentine under cut  an edict of Emperor Claudius. Wanting to more easily recruit soldiers for his army, Claudius had tried to weaken family ties by forbidding marriage. Valentine, ignoring the order, secretly married young couples in the underground church. These activities, when uncovered, led to his arrest. 

While in prison he became friends with the jailer’s daughter, and being deprived of books he amused himself by cutting shapes in paper and writing notes to her. His last note arrived on the morning of his death and ended with the words ‘Your Valentine.’ 

In 496 February 14 was named in his honor. Does any real truth lie behind the stories of St Valentine? Probably. He likely conducted underground weddings and sent notes to the jailer’s daughter. He might have even signed them ‘Your Valentine.’ And he probably died for his faith in Christ. But he almost certainly never wrote, “Roses are red, violets are blue . . . “

Here are a couple Valentine items I picked up at the supermarket, because they are so . . . so Japanesey! Don’t you think these cocoa (burnt) peanuts are gleat? I rearry cannot say if their makers know the meaning of “nuts for you.” Of course, glammaticarry the explession is proper, but if I was to get this little package of goodies from my rover, I’d know she’s clazy for me! 

Then there’s the Kyowa’s Valentine Brend Coffee! Isn’t this great? I bought it just for the can! 

However, the greatest expression of love is the fact that Almighty God so loved us that He gave His Son, that if we believe in Him we’ll receive eternal life. Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friend. Jesus did that for each one of us. That means YOU are God’s friend! The chief characteristic of love is that it GIVES! It never takes.

Why not go out and pick something up for the one you love tomorrow. It’s a special day for them, not you.

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