Weekend Greetintgs (Feb. 22, 2005)

On the way to work this morning, I walked past . . .

Gallery Nadeshiko (ギャラリー なでしこ) This is the entryway of a gallery of Japanese art, pottery, jewelry and fashions in our neighborhood. After yesterday’s weather of biting cold and snow, the sky has cleared and we can see evidence that spring is near: a blossoming plumb tree with a backdrop of an azure sky. 

The adjective “azure” comes from the word “azurite,” which is an ore-blue, monoclinic mineral scientifically described as 2CuCO3.Cu(OH)2. It is an ore of copper. An azurite is a semi-precious gem made from this mineral. But . . . it is written that YOU are precious in God’s sight, honorable, and loved by Him. Isaiah 43:4

Yes, you are more valuable than a colorful rock!

Doesn’t that make you feel good today?

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