Weekend Greetings (jun 6, 2006)

Just dropping by to “bug” you! 

The rainy season is set to begin this coming Thursday. That means I’ll get my hedge trimming done just in time before the rains set in, probably for the next 4 or 5 weeks. It’s the season no one likes best. The muggy heat is draining and can even affect a person’s emotions, but the rain is needed to fill the paddies for planting the rice seedlings that will bring in the fall crop of Japan’s staple food. 

It’s neat to listen to the myriad of frogs at night singing to God praising Him for the rain. I’ve driven down the road many times at night in a deluge of rain and hear a “splat” as I run over one of the them hopping across the road from one paddy to another. 

The fireflies, too, are something to behold. They are usually found near creeks and streams of very clean water in the community. In fact, it is from these kinds of creeks and streams that they hatch and come to life. Many people in the northern parts of the world have never seen a firefly before. Sometimes there are so many that it’s like watching a miniature display of fireworks put on by God Himself: 

Inspiration of literal little orbs of luminous light.            Flitting hither and yon in the darkness of night.

The flower of the rainy season is the hydrangea. They can be seen all over the place. So many varieties of the beautiful (non-fragrant) bushes: blue, pink, purple and white. 

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