Video page added

Video page added

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A new page of videos has just been published. Please feel free to click on the VIDEOS link at the top of the homepage. You’ll find various subject matter in the following video titles. Video length is in parentheses.

LONG, LONG AGO (2:53) Out-of-the-past photo shots of church members in the days of their youth.

SECOND PRAISE FESTIVAL IN 宗像 (3:54) International praise gathering at Munakata Bethel Christian Center.

MY GRANDSONS (1:54) Photo shots of my grandsons when they visited Japan in 2009.

TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE (4:08) Couples for whom I have performed wedding ceremonies in Japan.

KOSAKA AND PASSION IN NOVEMBER (5:40) Photos from a weekend of PRAISE with Chu KOSAKA.

ASSOCIATION OF BAPTISTS FOR WORLD EVANGELISM (33:20) Historical presentation of Baptist missionary work in Japan.


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