The stolen kiss

The stolen kiss

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The Kiss Popularly Defined

What is a kiss? A kiss is, as it were,

―a seal, expressing our sincere attachment;

a pledge of future union;

a present, which, at the same time it is given, is taking from us the impression of an ivory coral press;

a crimson balsam for a love-wounded heart;

a sweet bite of the lip;

an affectionate pinching of the heart;

a delicious dish which is eaten with scarlet spoons;

a sweetmeat, which does not satisfy our hunger;

a fruit which we plant and gather at the same time.A. Locker

Quoted from The Curiosities of KissingWit and Humor, Story and Anecdote on Kisses, Kissers and Kissing by Alfred Fowler, The Reilly & Britton Co., Chicago, 1904.


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