Special lady, special song, special blessing

Special lady, special song, special blessing

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There was a special lady, who in 1988 blessed  Andrea and me. She was a singer about whom the Broadway play “Mama, I Want To Sing” was performed here in Japan. She played her mother in the performance. DORIS TROY was her name.

Never before had we heard such uplifting music. After the sell-out performance was well over, Ms. Troy came out on stage. We bee-lined it down the aisle to say “Hello.” She greeted us, smiled and spoke a few words of encouragement. We had been at a very low spot in our pioneering missionary work, but walked away that night carrying with us the blessing of her life story, her songs and her warm smile. That night so many years ago still refreshes our hearts today.

The song you are about to hear below is one that will lift you up. It is powerful, because it’s about JESUS. Listen to every word, listen to the music, listen to the heart of the woman who touched our hearts so many years ago here in Japan.

“Jesus Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” was written by Jim Weatherly and is sung here by Doris Troy with the Reach Ensemble. It was recorded at Kawaguchiko Studio on August 21-22, 1988 in Japan. From the album “Mama, I Want To Sing GOSPEL in Japan.” —meldac corporation. CLICK THIS LINK, sit back and be lifted up:

Gospel In JAPAN





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