Feeling Chinese Characters 漢字を感じる

The word “calligraphy” is derived from two Greek words — kallos meaning “beauty” and graphein meaning “to write,” thus meaning beautiful handwriting, or penmanship. The Japanese translation of the English word “calligraphy” is shodō or 書道.

The first Chinese character 書 is a picture of a hand holding a brush which lends its sound to express the verb “to copy.” Therefore the meaning is to copy a thing by brush. The second Chinese character 道 expresses the chief, or main means of forward or direct movement, which is also described as a way or a road. So, Japanese calligraphy, 書道, can simply defined as “the way, road of writing.” 

In these pages are some of my favorite calligraphy — 書道. Please enjoy these views as you find yourself journeying down the way, road of writing.

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心 eli 嬉しい 光 2014 Year of the Horse人はどこ カラー 主を さんび    します 主にあって パッション whereareYOU1 swishylove snake w:inkan

神は愛なり 神は世を愛された 愛は 愛Loveyou(kinkos) 愛Loveyou-page-0 愛 by GAHO 愛 by Bokuden 心 rayna