Music satisfies the soul

Music satisfies the soul

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Good music is music that has three basic components. When these components all work together, they will captivate the heart. The result can be increased breathing, a thumping in the chest and a relaxation that will result in an “I don’t want this to end” feeling.

Music is one, but is made up of three simple basic parts: melody, harmony and rhythm. I would think that one without the other would make for monotonous music. Harmony brings depth to melody and rhythm brings stability. I think each one of us needs some good, balanced music in our lives to make our daily routines more enjoyable.

Here, let’s take a look at these three simple elements that make up MUSIC.

Well, here’s the music. Why not get a hot cup of something to drink and allow these two songs to bring some melody, harmony and rhythm to your life today? Don’t simply let this become BGM, but for the full benefit, listen to each word; listen for each instrument; listen to the MUSIC.

In 1975 Barry Manilow defined MUSIC with “I Write The Songs.”

The best has been saved for the last. This will grab your heart.



Nils Olson is a missionary pastor who works at Munakata Bethel Christian Center (Japan). Attended Bethel Temple Bible School in Seattle WA. Has resided in Munakata City, JAPAN for almost 40 years. Nils has authored the book, “My Chapter of the Story,” a lifetime collection of stories and anecdotes.


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