Listen to this classic of His Story

Listen to this classic of His Story

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If you’ve got about 13 minutes or so, you might want to sit down with the family, or simply by yourself and listen to Da Jesus Book presentation of His Story. It will make you smile real big!

The CHRISTMAS STORY: Wen Jesus Born by Dave Lancaster.



Nils Olson is a missionary pastor who works at Munakata Bethel Christian Center (Japan). Attended Bethel Temple Bible School in Seattle WA. Has resided in Munakata City, JAPAN for almost 40 years. Nils has authored the book, "My Chapter of the Story," a lifetime collection of stories and anecdotes.


  1. This is so awesome to listen to the story I’m so familiar with read in Pidgin … which I’m familiar with also, having lived in Hawaii years ago. It captivated me and brought the story to a new level … filled me with joy as I listened to it. Thanks for calling my attention to this and providing the link to hear it. Blessings on you & Andrea this Christmas & beyond …

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