Fundraiser for diabetic meds, supplies etc.

Fundraiser for diabetic meds, supplies etc.

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All I ask is that you think about it, discuss and consider this request.

I have been a Type 1 diabetic since age six, over 60 years now. I’ve been using the insulin pump for the past 12 years. This fundraiser is for accruing funds in order to cover the cost of monthly diabetic and heart medications, insulin pump supplies and doctor visits for the next two years.

Being missionaries in Japan for the past 36 years, our monthly income is not a guaranteed amount and varies from month-to-month. We never know exactly how much we will be receiving. So, when a monthly doctor visit, medications and insulin pump supplies come up, most always there is not enough to cover the cost.

I’ve been using left-over funds from donations that were made almost two years ago when people offered donations to provide me a new insulin pump. Those funds are almost depleted.

I would encourage any Type 1 diabetic who is not currently using insulin pump therapy to consider contacting your doctor(s) and asking about it. It can change your health dramatically like it has mine.

The Lord bless you as you consider this fund raising request. ―nils


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