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Contact Us

naolsonsum2010Hmmm, ways to CONTACT ― get in touch with, communicate with, make contact with, approach, notify, telephone, phone, call, speak to, talk to, write to, get hold of

Nils & Andrea OLSON


Facebook: (Nils) Nils Desu  (Andrea) Andrea Nils Olson

Skype: nilsolson

Telephone: (253) 617-0801 ― Skype Telephone rings on our computer in Japan at Tacoma, WA telephone rates. Please remember that 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time is 7:00 AM the next day in Japan.

Japan Postal address: 16-9 Ten Pyo Dai, Munakata City, Fukuoka Ken, JAPAN 811-3407

US Postal address: 900 Meridian E 19-343, Milton, WA 98354