Beautiful wedding song

Beautiful wedding song

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You might want to give a listen to this beautiful song from the Japanese Hymnal. It is a song wishing joy to a newly wedded couple and a song of praise to God. It also expresses the couple’s desire to always be seeking God’s love and to live in His righteousness. The song is titled “To The Beloved Couple.”

It is sung by Wakamatsu Music Co. Sachiko KOYAKUMARU and Saori HOTTA singing background harmony. This particular clip was recorded during a rehearsal about 40 minutes before an actual wedding in the Marie du Cour Wedding Chapel in Kokura, Japan.

「愛する二人に」Ai suru futari ni

1 愛する二人に  Ai suru futari ni あふれるよろこび  Afureru yorokobi
造られた神を  Tsukurareta Kami wo たたえて歌おう。Tataete Utaō.

2 互いに信じる  Tagai ni shinjiru 心を実らせ  Kokoro wo minorase
主の愛求めて  Shu no ai motomete 正義に生きよう。Seigi ni iki yō.


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