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Nils Olson is a missionary pastor who works at Munakata Bethel Christian Center (Japan). Attended Bethel Temple Bible School in Seattle WA. Has resided in Munakata City, JAPAN for almost 40 years. Nils has authored the book, "My Chapter of the Story," a lifetime collection of stories and anecdotes.

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Every time I listen to this, I push the replay button two, or even three times.

Vs 1
There’s a name above all others,
Wonderful to hear, bringing hope and cheer.
It’s the lovely name of Jesus,
Evermore the same, what a lovely name.

What a lovely name, the name of Jesus,
Reaching higher far, than the brightest star.
Sweeter than the songs they sing in heaven,
Let the world proclaim, What a lovely name!

Vs 2
Thru His name here’s wondrous power,
Power to redeem, making sinners clean.
By His pow’r He cleansed the leper,
Opened blinded eyes, caused the dead to rise.

Vs 3
He’ll return in clouds of glory,
Saints of every race, shall behold His face.
With Him enter heaven’s city,
Ever to proclaim, what a lovely name.

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Nils has just published a new book titled “Now Concerning Spiritual Gifts I Would Not Have You Ignorant.” Nils has been studying the subject matter for the past 30 years.

Especially in these days, the Holy Spirit desires to work in, through and with us in our churches so we will be revived and ready for the great awakening and harvest of lost souls to be added to the Kingdom of God. Paul wrote, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.” However, I’m afraid the church today is quite uninformed of the importance of the Holy Spirit Baptism and His nine gifts to the local church. This book details teaching of the Baptism and Gifts of the Holy Spirit about which Paul taught in his letter to the Corinthian Church.

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I keep a collection of quotes. This one will cause a person to sit back and really, really think deeply on the subject of one’s future.

“For me the truth of this subject has been exemplified in recent days by the life and times of my brother, Lonnie, winding down to what appears to be his final weeks or days here on earth.

Circumstances have necessitated my assistance in his medical and financial oversight. His ‘outward man’ is indeed perishing, yet, more importantly he has assured me, and I am confident, that his ‘spirit man’ is ready and prepared for eternity.

The Bible bluntly puts this subject into perspective — Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. James 4:14

It behooves each of us to take a sober look at the brevity of life, to live life without regrets, and to make our eternity of utmost priority.” —Tim Bentz

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―Buddhism was originated by Sidhartha Gautama. He died in 483 B.C.

―Mormonism was started by a man named Joseph Smith. He died in 1844.

―Jehovah’s Witness was begun by a man named Charles Taze Russell. He died in 1916.

―Christian Scientology was established by a lady named Mary Baker Eddy. She died in 1910.

―Islam was initiated by a man named Muhammad. He died in 632 A.D.

―Taoism was originated by a man named Laozi (Lao-Tze). He died sometime between 500-400 B.C.

―Bahai Faith’s founder was a man named Mirza Hoseyn ‘Ali. He died in 1892.

―Confucianism was initiated by a man named Kong-Zi. He died in 479 B.C.

―Shintoism is based on myth, that is, legendary stories and widely held but false beliefs and ideas.

―Hinduism was established by a guy named Manu and is also 100% based on myth.

Now get this:

The Almighty and Creator God desired from before the Beginning to dwell with man, so much so that His Word became flesh and began His dwelling among men sometime between 1 B.C. and 4 B.C. Jesus, the Christ, lived for thirty years and taught for three and a half years until He died on a cross. He was buried just like all the ones listed above who established world religions. The DIFFERENCE is that HE AROSE three days later; His risen body was seen by numerous witnesses; after forty days of showing Himself ALIVE, He went outside the city of Jerusalem, stood on top of a mountain called Olivet and told His followers to go everywhere and preach the gospel. Then He said, “Listen, I am with you always, even until the end of the world,” . . . and He ascended up into the sky right in front of all them. They saw it! They were forlorn, and an empty space filled their hearts and minds . . . they realized He was gone.

Then surprise of all surprises, two angels appeared in front of all those people gathered on that mountain and said, “Hey, guys, why are you all standing here gazing up into the sky? This same Jesus, who is taken up from you into the sky will absolutely come back in the same way you have seen Him go up into the sky.”

So, all these witnesses didn’t waste any time. They went back to Jerusalem and waited ten days like Jesus had told them to do in order to receive the POWER of the HOLY GHOST. They needed that POWER in order to go and tell others about the heart of God wanting to DWELL with them, LIVE with them in a daily relationship. Well, the day came ― the Christian Church was born on the Day of Pentecost, and ever since people have been sharing the love of God with nations of people around the globe. All this happened sometime between the years of 30 A.D. and 33 A.D.

The founder of Christianity was born and, yes, died. BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT rose from the dead, is alive today and will return one day to this earth. None, absolutely none, of the people whose names are listed as founders of world religions above has ever risen from the dead. In fact, they are still in their graves! But Jesus lives in the hearts of those who believe in Him, PLUS He sits on His throne in Heaven and will return here to this earth one day soon.

Yes, He is ALIVE!

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A couple of thoughts . . .

I’m reading Jay Zinn’s Countdown to Eternity again, and boy, with all he writes describing the events leading up to the tribulation, I’m wondering if I’ll make it. We just need more of the Holy Ghost, it’s that simple. I long for and wait for the day when Almighty God said He will pour out of His Spirit upon ALL flesh, the good and the bad.

I feel so sorry for our President, too, and find myself praying for him often. The press is really out to get him. The newscasters are not reporting news at all. They use their inflected voices, and all kinds of body language to strongly editorialize the news, and their own opinion, to sway people to their own networks’ opinions. Real news should only include the five Ws — who, what, when, where, and why.

When I was majoring in TV and radio news many years ago, we would have lost our broadcast licenses if we were to do and speak the way present-day newscasters do. Plus, anonymity was never allowed. Anonymous people were and are unqualified sources of information. Back then, unless we identified at least the actual source’s name, it was not allowed to be aired. I wonder where in the world these days can we see and hear the real news?

I suppose I should just quit watching the news, but then again, being informed of what’s happening is important. If I completely remove myself from what is happening and become so spiritually minded, I’ll become no earthly good.

We need a balanced life.