After 38 years it’s time to retire and refire

After 38 years it’s time to retire and refire

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Andrea and I came to Japan in January of 1978 and began our life as missionaries, working and preparing for four years in Kurume City before stepping out and moving to the city of God’s leading . . . Munakata . . . in September of 1982. Caroline was born shortly after moving here, so we know that it was exactly 34 years ago.

We celebrated the past 38 years this past Sunday, November 13, 2016, in a combined “retirement-passing the baton” day of worship, food, fun and fellowship. Passing the baton of pastoral leadership to James & Tracy XAVIER has been a work in progress since they arrived in January 2010. They have proved themselves, studied the language, captured the hearts of the congregants and put roots of intention to remain in Japan until the Day.

We regret none of the past 38 years. They were filled with God’s presence, signs, wonders and miracles. We look forward to what God has for us in the months and years ahead as we re-fire and are boosted like a rocket closer to the Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to view this slideshow of our lives from high school graduation, marriage, ordination, arrival to Japan, four years in Kurume years and 34 years in Munakata.

You can also view the actual exchange and passing of the baton here in this 1hour-32-minute video. The baton exchange portion is toward the latter end of the video. It is mainly in Japanese and may sound muffled, but guest speakers from Alaska and Seattle speak in English with an interpreter. Nils asked his interpreter from 38 years ago, Hidekuni INADOMI, to translate his parting message for the Japanese present.


  1. From the Old Retired Master Chief:
    Welcome to our side of the retirement scene. You will be even busier than ever. You now have lost, if you ever had these, annual sick leave, annual paid vacation, Federal Holidays with pay, a regular schedule where you can plan your non-work times, weekends to enjoy between work weeks, etc, etc. and since you are retired, many will think you have all the time in the world, so would you please help with ….., ,,,,,, because you don’t have to work anymore….. Nils, Andrea, I thought this was a myth, but it’s true.. Congratulations, enjoy your “golden years”, you earned them. Drake.

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