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Carol Burnett

“One More Time is the life story of television star and comedian Carol Burnett. The attached audio link records Ms. Burnett reading her own life story in the 1986 Book on Tape produced by WARNER AUDIO Publishing, Inc. You will enjoy every minute of this fascinating story.

The old audio cassette insert reads as follows:

Speaking straight from the heart, Carol Burnett tells her dramatic and poignant story. What began as a letter to her three daughters became a rich and powerful memoir ⏤ both inspirational and unforgettable.

Carol Burnett grew up in Hollywood, but it was not the Hollywood of America’s dreams. It was a single cluttered room in an old apartment building here she lived with her grandmother. Her parents were divorced and both were alcoholics, yet out of those unpromising beginnings came the security, courage and love that helped her talent to flourish.

Here, in her own words, is the candid story of Carol Burnett’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking childhood and coming of age; from the early signs of her comic gift to the show-off fun of her first ear-splitting Tarzan yell to the rush of events that brought her to New York and stardom.

You’ll encounter this story just as Carol Burnett lived it, with the freshness and amazement of direct experience.

Carol Burnett is the winner of 5 Emmys and one of the only women to be introduced into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. One More Time is her first book.

⏤Photo credit: gettyimages Ron Galella, Ltd.