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My guest writer today is Branden Dyer, Bible school student at Philadelphia Bible School in Seattle (Ballard) WA. This is short, but I think you’ll enjoy this.

Ever say to yourself, ‘When I get to heaven I can’t wait to ask David, Elijah and Moses, what things were like?’

Just think though, before you can ask David what it was like to slay the giant he’ll say, “Tell me what it was like to have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, giving you strength when you were weak?”

Or asking Elijah about calling down fire or raising that boy from the dead. And Elijah turning around and saying, “Yeah he died again . . . Now, tell me what was it like to have God inside of you? What was it like to live on earth having the Holy Spirit give you joy when you were depressed or giving you power to overcome sin?”

We might ask Moses what was it like to follow the cloud by day and fire by night. Or how about meeting God on that mountain? Moses would say, “I had to climb that mountain to meet God. Now you tell me what it was like to have the Holy Spirit giving you directions when you didn’t know what to do or where to go?”

Don’t be jealous about all the crazy things that happened to the Bible characters back in the Old Testament! You are doing crazy things now, whether you know it or not, with the Holy Spirit inside of you!