Barista Championship / Can robots brew a cuppa?

Barista Championship / Can robots brew a cuppa?

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Mark Olson in action — Our daughter, Caroline Spingath of Denver, CO, shot this picture of our son Mark (left) online during the 2015 World Barista Championship competition in Seattle WA earlier this month. Mark was Japan’s Barista Champion, Yoshikazu (center) IWASE‘s interpreter-translator. IWASE placed 7th out of 59 worldwide competitors.

Mark is also a barista here in Japan working for the MANU Coffee in Fukuoka City where he manages MANU’s Yanagi Bashi Ichiba (Yanagi Bridge Market) coffee shop. 

For an interesting video-article that might interest coffee drinkers—Do you think A ROBOT CAN BREW THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE? I don’t think so because baristas have a heart. Robots do not.


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